Our Vision
Thank you for letting me share my thoughts and aspirations for Flossmoor!

Job Number One: The single most important purpose of village government is to provide Flossmoor residents with high quality public services at the lowest reasonable cost possible. Excellent police, fire, and public works services are the backbone of why people move to and stay in Flossmoor. I will ensure that this continues in the future.

We must also continue to provide community programs that enhance and maintain the quality of life in Flossmoor. Flossmoor Fest, The 4th of July Parade, and Winter Fest help to maintain a “spirit of community” for residents and their families and must continue. Additional Community programs and continuation of village commissions that involve residents are critical to the fabric of Flossmoor’s quality of life. The Flossmoor Planning, Zoning, Public Arts, Community Relations, Green Committee, and all of the other village commissions serve important functions including harnessing the enormous talents, intelligence, and abilities of Flossmoor residents for public benefit. It is critical that Village Government ensure that existing as well as new programs are provided so that the quality of life for our residents continues to improve.
We will be working on specific goals and projects over the next four years that include:
  • Village Infrastructure including increased repair and placement of Village streets and sidewalks
  • Increased efforts promotion and marketing of Flossmoor to attract new residents and spread the story of Flossmoor being a terrific place to live, work, and raise families
  • Continuing Economic Development to bring additional quality businesses to Flossmoor for resident convenience and increased village revenues
  • Increased Village involvement with Flossmoor school districts to improve school ratings and rankings to increase home values and marketability
I have the energy, the drive, and the skills to accomplish these goals in this difficult economic and political climate.

The best years for Flossmoor are ahead of us. Let’s work together as we move Flossmoor forward for Positive Change For Flossmoor’s Future!

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