Promises Made, Promises Kept
You may recall that when I was elected mayor, we made some promises and set some goals. These included continuing to maintain high quality police fire & community services at lowest cost to residents; increase economic development of Flossmoor including developing Regional, State, and Federal relationships to obtain State & Federal grants and awards, increase Flossmoor green environment activities including formation of a citizen’s environmental commission to study and recommend Village green environmental activities for residents, and maintain our village infrastructure.

So how did we do?

We have managed to maintain our core village services without reductions or cuts despite some of the worst economic times since the great recession. While the Federal government and the State of Illinois continue to go deeper and deeper in debt, Flossmoor has continued to maintain and even increase its financial stability because of prudent financial planning, save first before spending policies, and being good stewards of taxpayer monies.

By way of example:
  • Flossmoor’s bond rating, a measure of how the financial world views the community’s financial stability has increased to AA+ which is better than our state and federal governments.
  • Village bonded debts is less than almost every other community in the region.
  • Real estate property taxes while high, continue to be less than 15% of the total tax bill
  • Our police, fire, and public works departments continue to provide high quality services to residents at low cost to residents compared to surrounding communities.
As your Mayor I have participated in and served on various local, regional, and state activities including:
  • Flossmoor Elementary District 161 Strategic Planning Committee
  • Cook County Long Range Transportation Planning Committee
  • Chicago Metropolitan Agency Regional Tax Policy Task Force
  • Illinois Department of Transportation Tri-State Tollway Planning Council
  • Metropolitan Mayors Caucus Executive Board member
  • President of South Suburban Mayors & Managers Association
  • Illinois Municipal League Legislative Committee member
  • South Suburban Mayors and Managers Legislative Committee member
  • Chicago Southland Economic Development Corporation liaison
  • Member-Representative Anthony DeLuca Advisory Committee on Economic Development
The Results of this Participation:
  • $300,000.00 in Cook County and State of Illinois grants for successful replacement of downtown Flossmoor streetlights to energy efficient LED lighting
  • $4,000,000.00 investment by METRA for new Flossmoor METRA Train Station
  • $100,000.00 Cook County grant for replacement of HVAC system at Village Hall
  • $500,000.00 State award for replacement of Brookwood bridge work in progress now
  • $200,000.00 from Canadian National Railroad and Cook County for repairs/improvements to Flossmoor Road Viaduct
  • $25,000.00 State award for engineering for Brookwood bridge replacement
Our efforts have resulted in Flossmoor having had the largest growth in economic development in its history. New businesses opening in Flossmoor during our period as Mayor include:
  • Meijer
  • Ingalls Family Care Center and expansion
  • CVS
  • Alliance Medical
  • Children of America Flossmoor
  • Hart Wellness Center
  • Angelo’s Fresh Market
  • Tovar Shoe Repair
  • Re/Max Synergy Real Estate
  • Yesterday’s Gentleman Barber Shop
  • Athletico Physical Therapy
  • Leland Grove Law
  • Flossmoor Quick Mart
  • Bakewell Bakery
  • Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria
These new businesses are adding substantial additional property and sales tax revenues to the Village which has help stave off the need for additional property taxes from residents.

What About Our Promise For More Community Involvement, More Programs, & Better Communication?

Created Flossmoor Green Committee which has produced:
  • E-Waste Disposal events for the community
  • Idling Gets You Nowhere Campaign for better air quality in Flossmoor
  • Bag The Habit Campaign to reduce resident ’plastic bag use
  • Rain Barrel Program to save use of village water by residents
  • Recycle Palooza event for recycling of paper, plastic, glass and e-waste disposal
Creation of Flossmoor Citizens’ Police Academy
  • Completion of 4 successful police academies for Flossmoor residents
  • Has built increased knowledge of police functions and activities
  • Fostered additional respect and appreciation for the Flossmoor Police Department
Increased Village Communication With Residents
  • Created Village E-Newsletter for bi-weekly online information to residents
  • Created Village E-Cop notification system for residents
  • Revamped Village website for better communication with residents including posting of village ordinances and village board and commission minutes
  • Created e-mail accessibility between mayor, village trustees, and residents
  • Implemented Flossmoor Connect online tool for easier reporting by residents of property maintenance issues to Public Works Department
  • Creation of Village Facebook Page
What About Our Promise to Maintain Village Infrastructure And Public Safety?

Infrastructure And Public Safety Projects Completed Or In Progress To Maintain High Quality Police/Fire/Public Works Services To Residents include:
  • Bruti property on Flossmoor Road cleaned up, grass installed, and maintained
  • Central Business District Street Lighting Replaced With High Efficiency LED Lights
  • Water Main Replacement Phases One Through Three Completed Under Budget
  • Flossmoor METRA Train Station Rehabilitation Project Completed
  • Flossmoor Road Viaduct Improvement Project Completed
  • Butterfield Creek Bank Stabilization To Stop Bank Erosion-In Progress
  • Woods Lift Station Rehabilitation Project-In Progress
  • Local Adjudication Of Municipal Ordinance Violations Instituted
  • “Be On The Safe Side” Parking On One Side Of Streets For Safer Fire & Police Protection Completed
  • Flossmoor Road ADA Sidewalk Ramp Improvement Project Competed
  • Additional Police Officers Hired To Keep Residents Safe & Protected Completed
What About Our Promise to Stabilize & Reduce Expenses To Residents?

Achievements And Efforts To Stabilize And Reduce Expenses To Residents include:
  • Successfully Passed Village Referendum For Electric Aggregation Saving Residents Money On Electric Bills
  • Instituted Police Administrative Towing Ordinance For Additional Revenue From Non-Residents
  • Insurance Services Office (ISO) Rating Increase For Residential & Commercial Decrease In Property Insurance Rates
  • Instituted Flossmoor-Park Forest Fire Truck Sharing Agreement To Save Cost Of Future Equipment Purchases
  • Instituted Village Employee Wellness Program To Reduce Costs Of Village Health Insurance Premiums
  • Passed Zero Increase General Fund Budget 2016-2017
And Last But Not Least Our Village Promotion & Marketing Efforts:
  • Hired Dedicated Village Marketing & Promotion Director
  • Hired Dedicated Village Programs & Events Coordinator
  • Mayor Participation In Local & Regional Organization Events-Cancer Support Center Walk Of Hope, HF High School Art Department Village Sculpture Program, School District 161 Character Counts and Mardi Gras “Mayor For The Day” Events, Comcast Newsmakers Interviews To Provide Statewide Information On Flossmoor Issues & Events
  • Village Facebook Page in place
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