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Are you able to join me as we continue to bring positive change for Flossmoor’s future? And by the way, what does “Positive change for Flossmoor’s future” mean? Positive change means having the energy, effort, and desire to challenge the status quo, to understand today’s economic conditions and work towards creating solutions that benefit our residents now and in the future. It means to work for more communication between Village government and residents, to work for more community programs that create opportunities for residents to interact and share our diversity of community, culture, and aspirations.

Are you ready to ensure that Flossmoor continues to provide high quality fire, police, and public works services at the lowest reasonable cost to residents?

Are you able to believe that we can continue to deliver high quality Village services and programs to residents while also looking outside our village for other economic development opportunities?

Are you ready to help us promote and market Flossmoor including our beautiful homes, cultural amenities, and good schools to bring new residents to our community and increase Flossmoor’s image as a great place to live, work, and raise families?

If your answer is yes, then you get it. You understand the meaning of positive change for Flossmoor’s future and I ask you to join me.

How can you help? Tell your friends and neighbors about our plan. Invite them to contact me with questions, comments, concerns, and thoughts. Share and like our campaign Facebook Page for ongoing information and election updates. If a yard sign in your yard is possible, please let us know.

And last…….get out and VOTE on April 4th! Your vote counts now more than ever.

Thank you from my heart for the opportunity to serve our wonderful community.

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